Cooperative Byelaws

Cooperative Society Byelaws Overview

  • Registered Office: 3 Bethel Garden Avenue, off Obiagu Road, Otukwu Emene Enugu.
  • Registered Members at Inception (See details)
  • All NIFESAF ESUT Alumni members are free to join the Society.
  • Regular savings expected from members
  • All applications for membership shall be approved by the General Secretary on behalf of the Management Committee.
  • Every application for membership shall be accompanied with a non-refundable processing fee.
  • The General Body is the ultimate authority of the Society.
  • The AGM shall be held within the 1Q and 4Q of the succeeding year after the Annual Statement of Accounts have been prepared. Where possible, the AGM should be held within the time of the Convention.
  • The day-to-day administration of this Society shall be vested in the Management Committee (MC).
  • Tenure MC shall be two years and shall be eligible for re-election for one more term in the same position.
  • MC will stand as fiduciary or Trustees of the Society and shall observe the utmost good faith towards the Society in any transaction with it or on its behalf.

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